Oddly enough, as I sit down to start work in anger on COWBOYS AND INDIANS (Cullen 7), set in the world of IT project delivery at a fictional financial institution I featured in GHOST IN THE MACHINE, a fascinating study into IT project failures hits my inbox —
Given I’m just away to start creating a fictional disastrous IT project in my head, this is a stark reminder of how much stranger than fiction fact can be. Some of the case studies in here¬†should remind you that¬†money thrown at people who sound like they know what they’re doing but don’t only ever results in wasted money. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen will out there.
— Ed
Current project – outline of COWBOYS & INDIANS (Cullen 7)
Next project – draft 3 of CRASH INTO MY ARMS (DI Fenchurch 1)

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