Series Reading Order

I see a few ebooks on Amazon for my series reading orders. Don’t buy these, they’re not official, I don’t endorse them, and the information is right here.

The only two series that are definitely linked are Cullen and Hunter:

  1. Cullen 1 “Ghost in the Machine”,
  2. Cullen 2 “Devil in the Detail”,
  3. Cullen 3 “Fire in the Blood”,
  4. Cullen 4 “Stab in the Dark” (previously “Dyed in the Wool”),
  5. Cullen 5 “Cops + Robbers” (previously “Bottleneck”), which is Craig Hunter’s first appearance,
  6. Cullen 6 “Liars + Thieves” (previously “Windchill”),
  7. Cullen 7 “Cowboys + Indians”,
  8. Hunter 1 “Missing”,
  9. Hunter 2 “Hunted”, which ties in with
  10. Cullen 8 “Heroes + Villains”, which ties in with
  11. Hunter 3 “The Black Isle”.

There are easter eggs between the other books and series, e.g. the bottle of whisky in Fenchurch 3 is from the same fictional distillery as Cullen 3, or a Dundonian Sergeant is referred to as Vicky in “Heroes + Villains”, but these aren’t explicit references and are just to make me and you smile.

The Max Carter books are entirely separate (I wasn’t even allowed to put in an Easter egg in!).

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