DI Rob Marshall Scottish Borders

Meet Rob Marshall, a DI who formerly trained as a criminal profiler. Frustrated with the passivity of profiling, he joined the police to solve crimes and act directly.

After an investigation goes awry, Marshall is sidelined. He must return to his hometown of Melrose in the Scottish Borders to solve the case that broke him. And maybe find closure on his tragic past.

The DI Rob Marshall Mysteries are police procedurals set in the Scottish Borders and nearby locations, starring a haunted detective masking his trauma with biting humour.

Current status: Book 6 coming August/September 2024 – watch this space…

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The Serial Killer he couldn’t catch is dead…
Can DI Rob Marshall save his last victim before she dies too?

Met cop DI Rob Marshall is hot on the trail of the serial killer known as the Chameleon, who has abducted, tortured and killed a series of young women in north-west London. As they close in, the Chameleon – who switches identity to get close to his victims – shoots Marshall’s partner and escapes.

But when the Chameleon’s body is found two years later, Marshall must return to his home town of Melrose in the Scottish Borders and face the tragedy that’s haunted him for twenty years, which made him leave in the first place.

The Chameleon’s final victim is still missing – can Marshall unpick the Chameleon’s latest identity in time to save her from a lonely death?

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A serial killer’s secret grave. Another murderer’s victims.

The case that broke Rob Marshall crashes back into his life. Ten years ago, Marshall profiled a serial killer the press had dubbed the Shadow Man, who killed six young athletes at remote sites in cold blood, and he worked with Northumbria Police to catch the perpetrator. But the Shadow Man kept the burial locations of the final three bodies to himself. Tired of the passivity, Marshall quit profiling and joined the police.

Now a Detective Inspector in Police Scotland’s Borders Major Investigation Team, Marshall is summoned to HMP Frankland in County Durham, AKA The Monster Mansion. The Shadow Man promises to show them where one body lies, allowing a family to finally grieve. But he will only show Marshall.

At a lonely woods on the banks of the Tweed, the Shadow Man leads them to where the body lies. But they find another three, freshly killed. Victims the Shadow Man couldn’t have murdered, with a vastly different MO. Is it a copycat? A collaborator? Or someone else entirely?

As Marshall and team scour the Borders and the north of England, desperately trying to identify the victims and track down the killer, it becomes clear someone else has been abducted and will suffer the same brutal fate. Can Marshall unpick the trail in time to save them?

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The merciless snow of the Scottish Borders. A case that freezes the blood.

Accustomed to the bustle of London, DI Rob Marshall finds himself confronted with the unforgiving Scottish winters he had long left behind. A gruesome discovery off the high road between Stow and Lauder sends shivers down his spine – a man and a woman, both frozen to death with their wrists and ankles bound. Left to suffer by someone with a sinister motive, or simply victims of the treacherous snowstorm?

As an expert in tracking serial offenders, Marshall is unprepared for a case with no leads, pushing him to rely on old-fashioned detective work, police experience he never gained as a direct entry. Desperate to find answers, he begins to see connections – but are they real or simply a trick of his trained instincts?

Marshall delves into the society of his childhood, coming face-to-face with bitter enemies and unearthing memories he thought he’d escaped when he left the Borders. But as the shadows of his past creep closer, they threaten to turn his world upside down – and prove fatal.

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The shadows are deep… And the door is closing.

In the heart of the Scottish Borders, Gary Hislop is expanding his criminal empire and his lethal grasp is tightening around the area. But as he opens his Kelso hardware store one morning, a sudden attack on him sets off a chain of events that even he couldn’t predict.

Enter DI Rob Marshall and his team. As Marshall delves into the incident, he finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit, where every alliance is suspect and every door casts a long shadow. The organization protecting Hislop is impenetrable and, within Marshall’s own ranks, trust is a rare commodity.

Familiar faces may conceal dark secrets and newcomers to the team might be driven by agendas of their own. As the case unfolds, the question becomes not only who attacked Hislop, but who inside Marshall’s own team is leaking vital information to the underworld? With time running out, can Marshall rally his team to uncover the truth? Will he unearth the betrayal within and bring the guilty to justice?

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The chase is on – and time is running out…

Holly Fenwick thought she had left her nightmare behind.

Twelve years ago, she narrowly escaped the clutches of a brutal serial killer.

Now, while she films a documentary in Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, to recover from her ordeal and rebuild her life, she spots a figure eerily similar to her former captor. She rushes in, only to find no trace of the man but a chaotic crime scene – and a missing woman.

Before he was a cop, DI Rob Marshall worked as a criminal profiler on Holly’s case. Now based over the border in Scotland in the new Behavioural Sciences Unit in Gartcosh, Marshall joins the investigation on his old patch, but all he has are questions.

Was Holly’s return to the crime scene a mere coincidence? Is her story the figment of a traumatised mind? As the investigation unfolds, Holly is forced to confront her deepest fears and the possibility that the killer has marked her as his next target. And Marshall must consider the possibility his absolute truth might not be so certain.

Coming Aug/Sep 2024

Walk the darkest path…

Having worked at Gartcosh near Glasgow for over a year now, DI Rob Marshall has never felt further from his home in the Scottish Borders, not even when he worked for the Met in London.

Focusing more on criminal profiling than actual police work, Marshall’s questioning why he signed up to remain in the police. Still, the work is stimulating, especially a case where bodies have been found in disused railway tunnels across Scotland. No matter how hard he digs, Marshall can’t fathom a motive, let alone a single suspect.

But when a further body turns up in Neidpath tunnel near Peebles, Marshall is drawn back to the Borders, where he must work with his old team and their new boss, DCI Ryan Gashkori. Can he figure out if the victim is connected and maybe catch a serial killer with no seeming motive?