Detective Vicky Dodds

A Dundee cop juggling a complex Tayside caseload with a difficult home life.

Current status: Book five release 1st August 2022 – final book in the series.

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Christmas Eve. A dead teenager, another missing. One hell of a case. 

Meet Vicky Dodds in this short novel.

Settling down for a nice Christmas Eve with her daughter and her best friend, a phone call pulls DS Vicky Dodds into work and to a deadly new case.

A teenage girl, her body cooling in a cold, dark supermarket car park. Found next to her friend’s car, but she’s missing too — has the killer taken her? Or is she the killer?

As the clock ticks down, Vicky digs deep as she investigates Dundee’s grim underbelly, and shows real blood and guts as she cuts through the lies of teenagers and a colleague’s furious rage in her pursuit of the truth.

Meet Vicky Dodds. Single mother, commitment-phobe, Detective Sergeant.

The disappearance of a Dundee-based dog breeder sets DS Vicky Dodds and her team on a desperate hunt through the city and the surrounding Tayside.

But soon other crimes are committed, with clear signs of escalation, and as the perpetrators’ message becomes clearer, Vicky begins to question where her own sympathies lie.

NOTE: Previously published as SNARED. This edition contains significant editorial revisions.

Kindle, Audiobook & Paperback

A body in a bunker. A killer back from the past. A daughter doubting her father.

When a body turns up in a golf course bunker, covered in blood and sand, DS Vicky Dodds must switch from her usual Dundee patch to search for a murderer in her home town of Carnoustie.

But when a second, connected body turns up, Vicky must confront the one who got away from someone close to her — the serial killer her ex-cop father lost his mind hunting down back in the 90s.

As Vicky is torn between her job and her family life, other figures come out of the past. But can she stop this killer before he strikes again?

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A dead boy. A missing girl. A dark mystery.

When a teenage boy is abducted from a Dundee street in broad daylight, DS Vicky Dodds and her team are put on the case. The drowned body is found with just one clue — an inscrutable code scratched onto his arm.

Vicky must hunt across Dundee for the brutal killers, drawing on old friends and family to probe the deep corners of the dark web and Scottish gangs.

As Vicky learns to doubt who she can trust, she connects with a new friend, someone who can maybe help her resolve her own murky past.

Kindle, Audiobook & Paperback
Coming 1st August 2022

The shadows of the past hang heavy

Over a year as a Detective Inspector during the worst time in living memory, Vicky Dodds is finally getting some balance into her life.

A happy family, an engagement and she’s now considering whether to have another child.

But when Vicky receives a phone call directing her to a Dundee flat, she finds a dead body, his skull smashed in by a golf club. Who called her? Why?

Vicky is given assistance by DS Luke Shepherd of Edinburgh’s Major Investigation Team. AKA DCI Luke Shepherd of Professional Standards & Ethics, Police Scotland’s internal affairs unit.

Shepherd is investigating someone in Dundee, but Vicky doesn’t know who. After all, she took matters into her own hands in a recent case and the shadow of her actions still haunts her.

Will Vicky face justice? Or will she become another victim?