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Marshall 4

A Lonely Place of Dying

The shadows are deep… And the door is closing.

In the heart of the Scottish Borders, Gary Hislop is expanding his criminal empire and his lethal grasp is tightening around the area. But as he opens his Kelso hardware store one morning, a sudden attack on him sets off a chain of events that even he couldn’t predict.

Enter DI Rob Marshall and his team. As Marshall delves into the incident, he finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit, where every alliance is suspect and every door casts a long shadow. The organization protecting Hislop is impenetrable and, within Marshall’s own ranks, trust is a rare commodity.

Familiar faces may conceal dark secrets and newcomers to the team might be driven by agendas of their own. As the case unfolds, the question becomes not only who attacked Hislop, but who inside Marshall’s own team is leaking vital information to the underworld? With time running out, can Marshall rally his team to uncover the truth? Will he unearth the betrayal within and bring the guilty to justice?

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