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A Lonely Place of Dying

The chase is on – and time is running out.

Holly Fenwick thought she had left her nightmare behind.

Twelve years ago, she narrowly escaped the clutches of a brutal serial killer.

Now, while she films a documentary in Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, to recover from her ordeal and rebuild her life, she spots a figure eerily similar to her former captor. She rushes in, only to find no trace of the man but a chaotic crime scene – and a missing woman.

Before he was a cop, DI Rob Marshall worked as a criminal profiler on Holly’s case. Now based over the border in Scotland in the new Behavioural Sciences Unit in Gartcosh, Marshall joins the investigation on his old patch, but all he has are questions.

Was Holly’s return to the crime scene a mere coincidence? Is her story the figment of a traumatised mind? As the investigation unfolds, Holly is forced to confront her deepest fears and the possibility that the killer has marked her as his next target. And Marshall must consider the possibility his absolute truth might not be so certain.


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