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Standalones and short series.

Vicky Dodds

Tooth & Claw

Previously published as SNARED.

Meet Vicky Dodds. Single mother, commitment-phobe, Detective Sergeant.

The disappearance of a Dundee-based dog breeder, sets DS Dodds and her team on a desperate hunt through the city and the surrounding Tayside.

But soon other crimes are committed, with clear signs of escalation, and as the perpetrators’ message becomes clearer, Vicky begins to question where her own sympathies lie.

Available in ebook and print.


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No plans for further books.


Crime thrillers featuring vampires in the Scottish Highlands. Yes.

Book 1

Bad Blood


Previously published as “Just Walking the Dead”.

Séan Avartagh, esoteric bookseller, two-hundred year old vampire and guardian of the Scottish Highlands. The modern world is safe and under control, but soon he is called upon to investigate mysterious events.

When his worst fears are confirmed, a shocking discovery tears the team of deadwalkers apart. Séan must lead them through a crisis which puts them all in danger — and threatens the rest of us.

Suspenseful and tense, BAD BLOOD shows the human and inhuman sides of the people protecting us from the walking dead.

Available in ebook and print.

Book 2

Cold Blood

Previously published as “Shot through the Heart”.

“An enjoyable tale that I found difficult to put down. The lead character, Mark Campbell, is well developed and believably flawed while the story line is suitably spooky.”
– 4/5, Scottish Field, February 2014 issue

Mark Campbell, historian and author, is desperate to finish his new book on the infamous Highland Clearances when his researcher mysteriously disappears. Abandoning his depressed wife and new baby, Mark rushes to a remote Scottish village to investigate.

But when he gets there, all is not what it seems. Who is the attractive landowner, Lady Elizabeth Ruthven, and why is she housebound on a remote loch island? Why are wild dogs hunting him? And what really happened to the researcher?

Mark’s investigation is soon overwhelmed by a series of unnerving events, plunging him into a very real nightmare. Can he make it back home to his family in one piece?

Available in ebook.


Next Book:

No plans for further books.

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