WH Smith’s blog just announced the results of a recent poll on their top crime writers of all time and, apparently, I’m the 94th best crime writer of all time, ahead of people like Sara Paretsky, Martin Cruz Smith, James Lee Burke and Cecelia Ahern. Oh and some guy called Edgar Allan Poe, who invented detective fiction as a genre. Staggering, especially as they don’t even sell my books…


Some seriously good writers in there, notably Mr MacBride at the top there – his THE MISSING AND THE DEAD is already my book of the year 2015. Staggeringly original police procedural.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Shucks. đŸ˜‰


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  1. Congratulations! In the top 100 in just 3 years iis going some!
    And reviews for “Ghost in the Machine” must have topped 1,000 by now

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