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Just noticed this morning that I’m up to 999 reviews for GHOST IN THE MACHINE on, averaging 4.2 which is pretty high for a perma-free book.
This is completely insane to me – when I published it almost three years ago, I didn’t think that I’d get nine reviews, let alone this number (and being into my second year as a full-time author, either). Crazy craziness.
Serious thanks to everyone who’s read the book and posted a review, even the one-stars. Being able to do this for a living is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
— Ed
Current project – Draft 2 of CRASH INTO MY ARMS (DI Fenchurch 1)
Next project – Final outline of COWBOYS & INDIANS (Cullen 7)

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  1. Ed, it is great to see your success. It is well-deserved. The fact you make yourself available to readers and wanna be authors is also a testament to the kind of straight-up guy you are. Here’s to many more years of your success. Al.

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