GHOST Reviews

Had the first review from a “proper” website today, as opposed to reader reviews. They tend to be harder and more critical, so I’m very pleased to receive a high rating. Some quotes: Ghost in the Machine by Ed James is a well thought out and well conceived police procedural. The fact that we see […]

Five star reviews for GHOST IN THE MACHINE

Had some nice five star reviews on Amazon for GHOST IN THE MACHINE and I thought I’d reproduce them here for “posterity” (ego): A good read By Mr Tommo This book really flowed well from the openning page till the last. It was a change to have a crime novel that had a lowly Detective […]

Double figures

Less than a week on sale and I’ve now sold ten copies. Not earth shattering but it’s a long game I’m playing here. I’ve sold ten through amazon uk, one through amazon us (work colleague from Seattle who lives in London) and one on smashwords (plus three sample downloads). I’m pretty sure of eight of […]

Little update

Been caught up in the wonderful of work and also the¬†glamorous¬†kingdom of DIY, so there’s been not as much happening as I’d have liked. Got some new Cullen ideas – “Beast in the Shadow” is one I’m struggling to plot out in detail, so I’ve got another two contenders as a full blown sequel to […]