Had some nice five star reviews on Amazon for GHOST IN THE MACHINE and I thought I’d reproduce them here for “posterity” (ego):

A good read
By Mr Tommo
This book really flowed well from the openning page till the last. It was a change to have a crime novel that had a lowly Detective Constable as the main character rather then a DI or DCI. The culprit was well hidden untill the end and the discriptions of Leith and Edinburgh well done. All of the characters felt real and the interaction between them true to life. I cannot wait for Dc Cullens next outing, I’ll be buying it for sure.
Accessible and entertaining crime fiction
By catwoman
As somebody who struggles with the plot in most crime novels, this was a breath of fresh air. Easy to follow but still with a sufficiently complex plot, reading this book was as entertaining as it was rewarding. Characterization was excellent and I had several laugh out loud moments, not laughing at the wit of the narrator but at the characters themselves, who feel so real that when I drive past the location of the police headquarters, I’m surprised not to see the building so vividly brought to life in this novel. A real page-turner, there was no problem forcing my way through this and none of the ultra-violence that can be so off-putting. For those of you who, like me, are “hard of understanding” and need plots of TV series and films explained at regular intervals, this book is for you. I hope to read more from Cullen, Bain and company in the near future.
great new entrant to Scottish crime fiction
By grumpy48
Well imagined and thoroughly thought-out crime novel. Interesting and refreshing take on Scottish policing from the bottom rung of the CID ladder, with good insight into modern office politics thrown in. Looking forward to Ed’s next (hope it’s not too far away!).

I’ve had some good sales in the last month and I thank everyone who has bought it – I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as it infuriated me writing it… If you’ve bought and read GHOST, I’d appreciate some honest feedback and a review either in the comments here or on Amazon or Smashwords.
— Ed

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