Been caught up in the wonderful of work and also the glamorous kingdom of DIY, so there’s been not as much happening as I’d have liked.
Got some new Cullen ideas – “Beast in the Shadow” is one I’m struggling to plot out in detail, so I’ve got another two contenders as a full blown sequel to “Ghost in the Machine”.  One is “Dyed in the Wool”, which will feature sectarianism and Scottish football heavily, and the other is “Ghost in the Well”, which is a direct sequel to “Ghost in the Machine” – I’d hoped not to go back to that sort of techy nonsense so early, so I’d like to save it for book 4 or later.
Short story seems to have been lost at the editors…  😉
I’ve put up a load of shelves and have all my graphic novels out, plus my reading list which is growing by the week.  I’m stuck in Peter F Hamilton’s “The Neutronium Alchemist”, book 2 of the Night’s Dawn Trilogy, 3,600pp of hardcore scifi.  It’s decent – like Stephen King in space – but such an ordeal to get through.  I romped through “Pandora’s Star” and “Judas Unchained” very quickly last year but I’ve taken about 4 months to read 2000pp of the other trilogy.  The Commonwealth books were excellent and I’m looking forward to reading the follow-up trilogy.  But maybe after something short – three Jim Thompsons, “Brave New World” and “Ham on Rye” are glaring out at me.  Maybe the two Stuart MacBrides, but I hate to read crime when I’m writing it…
— Ed

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