Quick note to update you all on some tweaks I’ve made to my books.

I had too many series with overlapping chronology, which was confusing as heck, so I’ve streamlined all of the Cullen, Hunter and Cullen & Bain books into one single series, entitled Police Scotland.

I’ve consolidated a few things, resequencing them so that Dead in the Water (previously Cullen & Bain 5) is now the first in the series, which I think gives a lot more context to Cullen, Bain and Hunter as characters. As well as weaving the Hunter books into the flow of the Cullen stories, I’ve added two new editions: The Cold Truth, Cullen & Bain 1-3; The Dead End, Cullen & Bain 4 & 6 (plus the bracketing chapters from 5 as an interlude). If this works, I could merge in the Dodds books too – watch this space.

One of the advantages of this is it gives me a model for future books in this world. I said never, but I never should’ve said never again. I’ve got plans to do two short novels in this, which will be exclusive to members of my Readers’ Club.

The Police Scotland series:

  1. Dead in the Water
  2. Ghost in the Machine
  3. Devil in the Detail
  4. Fire in the Blood
  5. Stab in the Dark
  6. Cops and Robbers
  7. Liars and Thieves
  8. Cowboys and Indians
  9. The Missing
  10. The Hunted
  11. Heroes and Villains
  12. The Black Isle
  13. The Cold Truth
  14. The Dead End

Check them all out on Amazon:

Thanks again – I’ll be back in a couple of days as we launch THE TURNING OF OUR BONES!


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  1. I’m really confused!
    I’ve read them in this order (except Dead in the water), I based this on a previous page I saw on here with the reading order of their old titles (Cullen, bain etc rather than police Scotland). However, after The Black Isle I’ve then read the below in this order:
    City of the dead
    World’s end
    Hells kitchen
    Gore glen
    Dead in the water

    The last drop was next on my list but I can’t find it anywhere on Amazon for my kindle, but I also now don’t know where it fits in to your new list?
    Please help!

    1. Hi, I collected the last drop and gore Glen into The Dead End. It’s available in kindle unlimited, if that helps?

  2. Hi this is the order I have been reading in, I noted this down from another article I found on here, but based on the above I’m not sure which to read next, I have just finished Dead in the Water, but cannot find The Last Drop anywhere? Please help!
    [v] 1. Cullen (1): Ghost in the Machine
    [v] 2. Cullen (2): Devil in the Detail
    [v] 3. Cullen (3): Fire in the blood
    [v] 4. Cullen (4): Stab in the dark
    [v] 5. Cullen (5): Cops & robbers
    [v] 6. Cullen (6): Liars & theives
    [v] 7. Cullen (7): cowboys & indians
    [v] 8. Hunter (1): The missing
    [v] 9. Hunter (2): The hunted
    [v] 10. Cullen (8): Heroes & villains
    [v] 11. Hunter (3): The black isle
    [v] 12. C&B (1): City of the dead
    [v] 13. C&B (2): World’s end
    [v] 14. C&B (3): Hells kitchen
    [v] 15. C&B (4): Gore glen
    [v] 16. C&B (5): Dead in the water
    [ ] 17. C&B (6): The last drop

  3. Great idea, thank you! I had stopped reading your books because I was so confused! Also, I had mixed up your Bain character with JD Kirk’s Hoon character, so that made it much worse! Now I’m all sorted out, at least for a while!

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