Hope you’re well and counting down to Xmas. In amongst all your present-buying (what, you have started, haven’t you?), you might want to get a hold of something for yourself – the ninth adventure of DI Simon Fenchurch. Okay, DCI Fenchurch.

Hope is the last thing to die

DCI Simon Fenchurch has everything under control. His marriage, his family, even his job, where he’s starting to lose the imposter syndrome that has plagued him.

But a mysterious death on the border with the City of London leads Fenchurch into a murder inquiry crossing three jurisdictions.

All signs point to one man – Dimitri Younis, recently released from prison and running the East End with an iron fist, spreading his talons into London. And even more determined to appear to be squeaky clean.

As Fenchurch homes in on a witness with evidence that could put Younis away forever, the tables are soon turned. Is Fenchurch going to be the last thing to die? Or will it be the hope that he can live a normal life?

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Let me know how you get on with it!


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely loved this. Delighted that Younis was reduced by his mother!
    Is this the last of Fenchurch? I really hope not I feel an affinity as I used to commute into Fenchurch St for six long years in the 70’s!

    1. Hi Marion,

      Thanks for the lovely note. No! It’s not the last of Fenchurch – he’ll be back next December in NEW YORK MINUTE. Hope you enjoy it when it comes!

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