Cullen & Bain? What?

This year, my biggest writing focus has been on continuing the Scott Cullen series, but in a way that freshens it up for me.

Right now, I’m just away to start editing the third book in the series, “Hell’s Kitchen”, available to preorder here, but let me tell you how I got there. 

Back in November 2017, I published a short story called “Travel Is Dangerous” in the CWA’s Anthology. Part of the agreement was that I could republish the story after two years. So, me being me, I had a little edit of the 4,000 word story. And it became a 25,000 word novella. And on the way, I somehow started writing from Bain’s perspective. Anyone who’s read one of those books, will know how… interesting that would be. And it was. That came out in March.

And what was next for the pairing? Well, World’s End. A few years back, I learnt that one of my friends was a “yellow item fiend”. You know what I’m saying, the type of guy who hangs around the price reduction section of supermarkets, waiting for the guy with the pricing gun to reduce the prices. In fact, my friend has gamified the system and doesn’t seem to buy anything above 5p.

When I was at high school, I had a part-time job in the local “Willie Low’s”, aka Wm Low, who were bought out by Tesco in 1995-ish. My pay went from £2.02 an hour to £3.90 in one move. Boom!

And that was the start of it. My friend’s deviancy, and some history. The story soon bloomed and blossomed into something different, something new. And it’s a 33k long novella now. “Hell’s Kitchen” draft 1 is almost 40k, so they’re getting longer!

Think of this format is like an episode of a TV show. Frequent episodes with a long-running story arc. They’ll be shorter but also cheaper.

And I’m loving writing these. I was in a bad place with these books. You might’ve noticed that it took three years for “Heroes & Villains” to come around, for instance. And no book nine. Well, here it is. Here they are. I’ve got a solid idea for a fourth book. And a fifth. I’ll keep these coming as long as you keep buying them.

Have a look at the books on Amazon now.

Book 1, City of the Dead.

Book 2, World’s End.

Book 3, Hell’s Kitchen.

Finally, hope you like the website. It’s a bit neglected, and I’m trying to simplify things so you can find stuff, but have a look and let me know if there’s anything you hate!