DEAD-Kindle-2014-09-17Let’s start with SUPERNATURE book 2, JUST WALKING THE DEAD. A little novella thing, 15,000 words of vampire-related deviancy. It’s out on Friday (12-Jun-15, my birthday!) and is on pre-order just now —
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Magic, what’s next?
Sample-cover-smlOh — yes. This.
The seventh Cullen novel. I’m getting into deep edits with it and shooting for a release on 01-Aug-15. It’s a bit of a monster and has taken me longer to write but the initial feedback seems to show it’s worth the extra effort. It’s about 25% longer than the other Cullens (still shorter than SNARED) and is pretty bloody complex.
With a series of male rapes around Edinburgh baffling police, a bloodied corpse is found in the shadow of Dean Bridge, handcuffed and half-naked. Who is he? Why is he handcuffed? Did he fall or was he pushed?
As the victim is identified, the case only gets murkier. Detective Sergeant Scott Cullen of Police Scotland’s Edinburgh Major Investigation Team is sucked into the depths of the city’s financial services sector, facing up to some old enemies and creating some new ones. Just months into his new role, Cullen is torn by the trials of management, putting a friendship on the line. New leads take them no further forward — too many suspects in a world where nobody trusts anybody else and all are out for themselves. Can Cullen catch a killer who could be anyone?
From bestselling author Ed James, Cowboys and Indians is a tightly woven, gripping crime novel challenging the honesty of professional liars.
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