Screenshot 2015-01-12 12.31.13Here’s a sample of some SNARED reviews. Currently averaging 4.8 after 56 reviews on which is blowing my mind.
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Had a few people hit the blog¬†over the last few days looking for news of COWBOYS AND INDIANS, Cullen seven. I’m working on the second draft of it just now (some problems with the stupid amount of complexity I’ve put into it and getting the end to work, might have to kill some darlings but that’s for next week). Looking like a July or August release is still achievable but I’m not getting into the mess I got with WINDCHILL…
— Ed

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  1. Have just started it, great so far. (took me longer to finish Poldark because going to Rome got in the way) From the reviews I know I won’t be disappointed.

  2. Loved it, loved it. The characters were fab and the storyline was gritty, realistic and grabbed you by the seat of your pants!!! So much I want to say but if you haven’t read or finished the book I don’t want to spoil it. Ed, hope there will be more books with Vicky, Mac and Robert.

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