I get a lot of questions about when this, that or the other thing is coming out. Hugh Howey, the sci-fi author has a widget on his site so I thought I’d add something similar.
The place to keep on top of my release schedule is here –
Current Projects Page
That’s a hell of a lot of books I’m working on. As ever.
If you want to keep on top of these books as I write them, subscribe to my mailing list – monthly-ish update of what’s going on.
I know I’ve been a bit quiet, but my head has been down. Got a lot of projects I’m focused on and this blog has taken a bit of a beating.
Little side note – the revised edition of DYED IN THE WOOL is now available from Amazon. This one took a hell of a beating in the revision process, going from 112,000 to 83,000 words, most of what came out either redundant scenes or words. It flows a lot better. You should be able to get a revised version from your Manage My Kindle page. Again, sorry for not releasing these books on other platforms, but nobody bought them when they were there (the collected edition is available).
— Ed

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