Cullen 6 – WINDCHILL is available for pre-order on Amazon.

£2.99, $4.99 and some odd fraction in EUR/AUD/CAD –

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For clarity, this is a novel set at Christmas time and the New Year, told in two parts.

COWBOYS AND INDIANS will be book 7 and hopefully out not too much longer after this little baby.

— Ed

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  1. Thanks a lot for information. I pre-ordered a copy over at Amazon DE before writing this comment.
    So far I read “Ghost in the Machine” which I enjoyed a lot. Normally I read fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction which include crime and mystery set either in Medieval or Victorian England. With Scott Cullen I entered a new period of time covered in books I like to read.

  2. wow .. that’s quick, and brill news. Wasn’t expecting this until early 2015. Pre-ordering it now. Thanks

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