Just had my 100th review of GHOST IN THE MACHINE on Amazon UK –
The breakdown is 66 x 5*, 32 x 4* and 2 x 3*.  I’m not one to be a big head and think that I’m awesome or anything, but I’m pleased that so many people love the book, and seem to have gone on to read the others in the series.  The other two are getting a fair amount of loving.
(I know I’ve been quiet of late – been really busy.  I’m up to 43,000 words of draft one of DYED IN THE WOOL, so it’s getting ready for a summer release for definite)
— Ed

GHOST IN THE MACHINE (Scott Cullen book one) is FREE –

UK Kindle – http://amzn.to/Ih2ros
US Kindle – http://amzn.to/IzknfQ

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