Another 5-star GHOST review

Just spotted another five-star review for GHOST –

“Despite the fact that Ghost in the Machine was written by an indie author, instead of a famous one, did not have the benefit of a professional editor [yes, there are a few typos but only a few], and did not quite have enough character development for my tastes, the story was such a good read that I intend to buy the next book in the series.  I’m also putting Ed James on my Watch List because he is a young author going places. Highly recommended.”
A positive review – comparisons with Rebus and Rankin – and quite an insightful one.  One of the intentions with Cullen is to avoid starting with the cliched detective who is a DI/DCI/DCS, an alcoholic, a divorcee, who drives a classic car and who has a troubled relationship with his offspring (Rankin established the template, it’s the people who follow that I have a problem with!).  Cullen is young, idealistic and will make the mistakes and fuck-ups on the page.  Just you watch…
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