Just spotted another five-star review for GHOST –

“Despite the fact that Ghost in the Machine was written by an indie author, instead of a famous one, did not have the benefit of a professional editor [yes, there are a few typos but only a few], and did not quite have enough character development for my tastes, the story was such a good read that I intend to buy the next book in the series.  I’m also putting Ed James on my Watch List because he is a young author going places. Highly recommended.”

A positive review – comparisons with Rebus and Rankin – and quite an insightful one.  One of the intentions with Cullen is to avoid starting with the cliched detective who is a DI/DCI/DCS, an alcoholic, a divorcee, who drives a classic car and who has a troubled relationship with his offspring (Rankin established the template, it’s the people who follow that I have a problem with!).  Cullen is young, idealistic and will make the mistakes and fuck-ups on the page.  Just you watch…
Buy GHOST IN THE MACHINE (Scott Cullen book one)-
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– Ed

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  1. lol – Yes, I can see Cullen ‘growing’ throughout the series, and that is actually a very attractive prospect. I’ll be interested in seeing where you take him.
    Btw have you read Blindman of Seville by Robert Wilson? Wilson and Rankin are my two favourite authors in the genre – so far. 😉

    1. Thanks for stopping by – I really appreciate the honesty.
      Haven’t encountered Wilson yet. I’ve got such a backlog of paperbacks just now… Maybe I’ll find room for one more. Lol!
      — Ed

      1. If you get the chance, check that particular novel out – it’s one of the most unusual police procedurals I’ve ever read. Simply brilliant. 🙂

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