On holiday this week – not away anywhere, just not at work. One of the big tasks – other than catching up on sleep, which I’m failing on – is to finish the sodding edit of DEVIL IN THE DETAIL. I’m currently at 82% which is bloody good progress – it’s needing a hell of a lot less work that GHOST IN THE MACHINE did.
All the effort I put into plotting is certainly paying off. While I’m certainly of the plot it out school of thought (rather than start writing and let the magic happen) I am picking up a few fun subplots that help the story along. There’s a place for spontaneity, that’s for sure.
I’m also spending some time plotting out elements of DYED IN THE WOOL, and there are a few things in DEVIL that lead in to that. Never thought I’d write a trilogy – can’t see it stopping after three either.
Anyway, I’ve got some gardening to do and then I’ll be allowed to do some more editing…
— Ed

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