A couple of big milestones for me in the last 24 hours – 

  1. I sold my 200th copy of GHOST IN THE MACHINE in the UK (I’ve already sold 200 globally).  This is just wow – had a monster week of sales last week, all of them from the UK.  Again, as always, a huge appreciation to those who’ve bought GHOST.
  2. I broke the 3,000 followers barrier on Twitter:


Plugging away at DEVIL IN THE DETAIL just now, hopefully that’ll be off to my editors this week.  I also might be in the position of publishing the paperback of GHOST…  There is some new artwork I’m playing about with.

— Ed

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    1. Thanks – hope you get over your prevarication on your book. The only solution I found was turn the Internet off, put some headphones on and just bash away. You’re not going to write the perfect book first time – accept that you’ll need three or four drafts and let yourself write. You’ve done the hard bit – plotting – it’s just a case of committing time to the grind now!
      — Ed

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