Just did my weekly sales OCD – I’m now over two hundred copies sold for GHOST IN THE MACHINE!
A huge thank you to everyone who has bought it, especially those 18 who have reviewed it on Amazon (it’s sitting at an average of 4.6, with all reviews >= 4 stars).
This is absolutely staggering – when I submitted the file to Amazon on 13-Apr, I did not expect to sell this many so quickly.  And my sales are on average getting higher.  Say what you like about Amazon, the fact that they offer the indie author, such as myself, this sort of outlet is huge.  The mental pain I’ve gone through over the last five years looking for an agent and a publisher…  Well, it’s almost worth it to be in control now.  I’m not making big money (yet!) but I am really enjoying myself – the pace at which I’m attacking DEVIL IN THE DETAIL shows that.
As with last time, I’ll share my channel breakdown chart – it’s very interesting.  Bear in mind that I’m a Scottish writer, writing in a Scottish dialect, in Scottish locations about Scottish people…

One final thing, I’ve noticed that my sales tend to spike at the start of the month and then tail off towards the end.  I can’t work this out – it’s happened in June and July – other than it might be some seasonal blip, or people have a hankering for indie Scottish crime fiction at the start of the month…
Anyway, back to the editing.
— Ed

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