So that’s me finished WHISKY IN THE JAR, a 3,000 word Scott Cullen short story.  I’d love to publish it here for you all to read and enjoy but I’ve entered it into the competition on http://www.bloodyscotland.com, the first Scottish Crime Writing festival.
In the end, I’m pretty pleased with it.  It’s a short story and quite a lengthy tale so I’ve had to cut a few corners that I’d normally keep squared off.  I did a ton of research for it and it’s been a good exercise in getting something new done pretty quickly (in amongst finishing GHOST and picking DEVIL up again) – if I fail in the competition, then I’ll do something with it, either publishing it as is or expanding it out into a novella length.  Who knows.
I’m going to pick up FUTURE SHOCK next – it only requires a week or so of effort to publish and it’ll cleanse my palate of Scott Cullen, ready to get the pedal to the metal on finishing DEVIL IN THE DETAIL.
I’ve resolved to get as much stuff out there as possible – I’ve written so bloody much in the last seven years, that it’s worth publishing it.  I’m a lot more mature now as a person and a writer and I can make some of the stuff work a lot better.
— Ed

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