So I’m a massive Smiths fan.

Just recently got “The Sound of the Smiths” double CD edition.  It is incredible.  The problem with the Smiths has generally been sound quality, from the 80s CD editions through to 2007’s “The Very Best of” – totally disowned by the band; it features a truly horrible version of “the boy with a thorn in his side” which has a ridiculously loud clonk park.

There’s a lot of noise about digital remastering – and the VBO is testament –  but this sounds absolutely incredible.  The bass and the drums – often weak and limp in previous releases – are now thick and driving, elevating Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce to the upper echelons of the rhythm section world (the Stone Roses, Led Zep, The Verve, The Who, Nirvana to name but a few).  The guitars are sparkling, losing the tinniness and harshness from previous releases.  And Morrissey is as dominant as ever.

If you’re a fan, get yourself a copy.  Or wait for the release of the new box set…

— Ed

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