So in this brave new world of Cullen novellas, I am on fire.
I redrafted Devil in the Detail last week – even better than I remembered. Got another draft to do – it’s cut as a sequel to Ghost in the Machone and a lot of the detail doesn’t work as backstory. Should be publishing in the next week or so.
There’s three other ideas I’m toying with.
I’ve managed to get the plot of Ghost to work so a redux version will be novella 2. Miles better, it really is. There’s a lot that can be reused but i’ve got to be able to not repeat mistakes and to fit into the new way of writing.
The other nailed on one is a flip of the second book i wrote “before the fall” told from the detective’s point of view. It’s called “spanner in the works”.
The final idea is “dyed in the wool” which is about sectarianism. But it’s proving tricky to nail..,
Feeling positive.
— Ed

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