… came out over two months ago and I haven’t updated this to say it had.

Sorry! Had a lot going on, such as heart surgery and writing Marshall book 4.

Wait, what happened to book 3? Well, it’s out in less than two weeks on Kindle, in paperback and hardback, but also an audio edition amazingly narrated by Angus King.

Anyway, here’s the cover to book 2:

Hopefully you enjoyed book 1 enough to buy this. You can get it at these places:

Let me know how you get on with it. I’ll post again at launch of Marshall 3, so watch this space.

One last thing, though. A couple of months ago, I sent an email to my mailing list showing some of the locations featured in the book. If you want that kind of content, you can sign up, but have a look here:

Hope you’re keep well. Speak soon.
– Ed

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  1. Pretty sure I’m signed up but I don’t remember seeing that. Very interesting to see where books are based. I generally end up googling everywhere

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