Hey. Thank you to everyone who wished me well last week – I wasn’t asking for it, just wanted to let you know why there hadn’t been a missive on the Monday. And here we are. Another missive.

Last week

Well, I’m still testing positive:

But the third test is definitely less, so hopefully tomorrow will be clear.

Monday was fun. Aching head, sinusitis, mad temperature and my heart rate was 120BPM lying down. And not a case of my watch is double-counting, actual two beats every second. With my recent history, I was a bit worried.

But it passed. And the dam burst on my sinuses. I was able to take Bessi out for a walk on Thursday, just a wee one. Today, I managed to go up into the hills again, but it was pretty tiring.

And I got the worst-ever Sainsbury’s online shop yesterday. My covid brain seems to have just ordered tins of soup. Thirty-six tins of Baxter’s soup.

This week

Well, I’m bored of being ill so I’m trying to pick up some work. Very pleased I managed to finish Fenchurch 9 before that hit me – I’m taking it easy now, but I’m glad I’ve got a bit of space without any deadline pressure.

I’ll be hitting FALSE START again this week, in fact just after I finish this. I’ve got some edit time set up so it’ll be with you soon. I really liked writing it, once I got my head around what the story should be, so hopefully the editing will be quite easy after that.

My next two things after that will be the outlines for the second and third books in the Rob Marshall series, to which FALSE START is a prequel. As you’ll hopefully remember, I’ve done a series bible for these books so I know where the whole lot is going in terms of characters and stories, just need to break the summarised notes I’ve got down into outlines I can write from. Writing THE TURNING OF OUR BONES was a rare treat as I’d put so much work into the outline.

Okay. That’s me. Trying to get my head straight!

Have a good week.


source https://edjames.substack.com/p/inside-eds-head-on-the-road-back

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