Inside Ed’s Head – fun by the sea

A short one this week, due to post-festival exhaustion. Last week A short work week for me. Managed to finish and send off FALSE START, as covered last week, but rather than focus on writing I prepared for chairing Mike Craven and Douglas Skelton by reading their most-recent novels – The Botanist and Where Demons […]

Inside Ed’s Head: How is it AUGUST??

Hi, I’m Ed James. I write crime novels. You’re reading this because you subscribed to it, or you’re looking at it on Twitter or my website. If you want to get it in your inbox every week, use the box at the bottom of the page. Last week Well, I spent a bit of time […]

Inside Ed’s Head: Ed James was away

This weekend was the Theakstons’ Crime Festival, AKA Harrogate, as everyone calls it. The great and the good of publishing (and me) were all (mostly) there in force. I’ve only had one Harrogate that was very business-focused (2019), with another two that had elements of that kind of thing. Publisher meetings, publisher dinners, that kind […]

Inside Ed’s Head: The will to set you free

Hope you’re taking it easy today, assuming you’re in England or eastern Scotland. It’s been 30C here, which is insane. Tomorrow might hit 33. In Scotland. 33 degrees Celsius. In Scotland. The world is burning and this is proof, sadly. But here’s a lovely summer song: Thanks for reading Inside Ed’s head! Subscribe for free […]

Inside Ed’s Head: And would you stop me if I tried to stop you?

I was obsessed with Mogwai as a teenager. While I still love their music now, this was my gateway drug into the music I listen to most of the time. Dark, emotional, instrumental (though this has a vocal) music. And they were Scottish, making a career out of doing pretty unique soundscape music. I first […]