Dead in the Water out now!

2 Tooth and Claw

Just a quick note to say that the fifth Cullen & Bain book, “Dead in the Water”, is out today on Kindle and paperback.

The ghosts of the past stay dead. Don’t they?

Ten years ago, a case brought two cops together and drove a wedge between another pair.

As Acting DC Scott Cullen works with DC Craig Hunter to track down a witness who didn’t show during a court case, they stumble upon another crime. Two homeless women, dying of a suspected heroin overdose.

As they investigate, they uncover a far-reaching criminal empire, dealing death and misery to Edinburgh’s underclass. And come across another investigative team who may not be exactly on the same side.

Travel back to the past and uncover the roots of the troubles that bedevil Cullen and Hunter in the present day.

Get it now!

Also, I just updated the reading order page here:

Into the Cullenverse (reading order)