V&A stands for Violence & Action, right?

2 Tooth and Claw

This is my year of Dundee, clearly.

In the last twelve months, I’ve published the second in the series (Flesh & Blood) after a long wait for it, then a half-length “book zero” (Blood & Guts, which is FREE), and now now now! Now, iit’s time for the third full book in the series, Skin & Bone.

A dead boy. A missing girl. A dark mystery.

When a teenage boy is abducted from a Dundee street in broad daylight, DS Vicky Dodds and her team are put on the case. The drowned body is found with just one clue — an inscrutable code scratched onto his arm.

Vicky must hunt across Dundee for the brutal killers, drawing on old friends and family to probe the deep corners of the dark web and Scottish gangs.

As Vicky learns to doubt who she can trust, she connects with a new friend, someone who can maybe help her resolve her own murky past.

It’s available now from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback at https://geni.us/EJD3web — I hope you enjoy it, but let me know how you get on with it.