41gyhkpxjhlYou lucky, lucky people!
“Heroes & Villains”, the eighth Scott Cullen novel, will be released on 3rd November, 2018.
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Book blurb:
After a previous case got him sidelined to a drugs investigation, DS Scott Cullen of Police Scotland’s Edinburgh MIT closes in on a long-time adversary. Dean Vardy, Edinburgh’s latest drug kingpin, and notorious rapist. Every time they close in on him, he gets off, aided and abetted by his lawyer, Campbell McLintock. But this time Vardy goes too far.
Or does he? After a witness dies, Cullen is soon desperately trying to hold the case together, with Vardy’s conviction dangling by a thread. Will McLintock get Vardy off yet again?
But soon, Cullen and his team are facing a different threat. A brutal vigilante, doling out frontier justice and obeying no laws. Can Cullen catch a killer who could be one of their own?

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  1. Hi Ed,   Chuffed to be getting the latest Cullen book (at last) so have pre-ordered on Amazon.   Just part-way through the latest Fenchurch book and enjoying the story so far. 
    Cheers Christine  p.s.  Hope you are enjoying living in the Border area, it’s a good place to be.

  2. Already ordered. Can’t wait. It’s been far too long a wait but really looking forward to it.

  3. Finished Windchill, Cowboys and indians, Hunted and Missed (finally in paperback), also” In for a kill”… Not bad for the month of July…Cullen 8…I was rejoicing too early…only Kindle for now….But I never give up hope…sooner or later a paper version will appear…

    1. Only reason paperback isn’t there is because you don’t seem to be able to put it on pre-order. It’ll be there on day 1, don’t you worry. I’ve fixed that issue!

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