I’d previously blogged that the fifth Cullen will be out on 14th Feb. It’s looking like it’s going to slip a bit to the 28th, ironically due to an editing bottleneck, entirely of my own making (all will become clear soon). I’ll start posting some info soon – cover, blurb, excerpt – but we’re planning some big stuff for the launch.
Had a nice review in The Scottish Field magazine for SHOT THROUGH THE HEART –
“An enjoyable tale that I found difficult to put down. The lead character, Mark Campbell, is well developed and believably flawed while the story line is suitably spooky.”
– 4/5, Scottish Field, February 2014 issue
In other news, I’ve buggered my back. Watch a fat man doing Pilates…
Ghost in the Machine is free – http://myBook.to/edjamesghost

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  1. Bought the 1st “Cullen” book through iTunes, can not find any other of your books under your name “Ed James” . Help, I want to read the entire series! Libby

    1. Response to both of you – the other three books are currently exclusive to Amazon. I will be releasing a collected edition of the first four in the next month or so, but there are alternative methods to get them, primarily installing the Kindle app on your iPad or Nook (assuming it’s not the eReader version). Apologies for this, but Amazon were something like 99% of my sales/downloads.
      — Ed

  2. Hi Mr. James,
    I just read Ghost in the Machine. It was fantastic. I read it on my Nook from Barnes & Noble. They don’t have any of your other books. I was very disappointed because I wanted to read more of DC Cullens adventures but barnes & Noble didn’t have the other E-books for my Nook. All the best of luck with your writing adventures.
    Charlotte Wilmeth
    Grandma Schallie

  3. Waiting patiently for book 5!
    I’m training to be a Pilates instructor stick with it it will def help your back!!

  4. I stumbled upon Ghost in the Machine about a month ago and ever since I have not been able to get enough of your stories. Reads all 4 Cullen Mysteries one succession and could not put them down. Each one better than the last. Read Shot Through the Heart next and, although, I am not much into the supernatural found it very entertaining and I am glad that I read it. I cannot contain my enthusiasm for the release of Bottleneck since I so enjoy your writing. Thank you, Mr. James, for bringing your talent to the world.

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