Really frustrating to report BUT there has been a slight delay to the publication of SHOT THROUGH THE HEART. I had expected to get it online last night ahead of today’s launch but it’s been stuck in the Amazon pipes.
Turns out that a book with vampires, werewolves and romance can’t be tagged with the keyword Twilight, and also that Amazon don’t have the capability to default the errant keyword to blank, publish the book and then let the author fix later. Given that it’s been ready since the end of September, this is beyond annoying.
Hopefully it’ll be published later on today – I’ll keep you posted as it progresses. It won’t be free today, hopefully I’ll have time to let it go free tomorrow.
Anyway. Time for deep breaths. They’re usually really good – eg a minor tweak to the price of FIRE IN THE BLOOD went through in record time yesterday. It’s time they allowed us to do a pre-release launch…
— Ed

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