I’ve just spent all afternoon redoing the artwork to the four SCOTT CULLEN books, replacing the previous illustration files with some snazzy new photographic-based images, which are tied both to the genre and to the stories themselves –

GHOST-v3 sml

The new cover to GHOST IN THE MACHINE is a view along the shoreline of Portobello, home of Scott Cullen (and previous home to me). There are some key plot points that take place in the town (I view it as distinct from Edinburgh) and I thought it fitting to include.

DEVIL-v3 sml

The cross here illustrates the overriding theme of DEVIL IN THE DETAIL – faith and the abuse of trust that usually comes when it goes unregulated and internally governed.

FIRE-v3 sml

FIRE IN THE BLOOD features a shot of Edinburgh from the coast at Longniddry, not far from where Dunpender Distillery is set but which also ties together the two distinct geographies of the book.

DYED-v3 sml

Finally, DYED IN THE WOOL has a shot from what could be Cullen’s bedroom as he contemplates what the hell is going on in the book.

A huge thanks to Kitty for helping me with the files and for using up some of her 9,500 photos on our hard drive – I only wish that I had more books written so that we can do more covers now.

— Ed

GHOST IN THE MACHINE IS FREE. UK http://t.co/tPhCVOJX US http://t.co/2fQ1jgjS

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