eBook price fixing

Slightly misleading title there, heh, but I’ve fixed the pricing structure for my ebooks in the UK (US prices are roughly consistent) –
DEVIL IN THE DETAIL is now £1.99 (UK http://t.co/KHnEWdbF US http://t.co/HFRVU0r7)
FIRE IN THE BLOOD is now £2.99 (UK http://t.co/yJg6BEKO US http://t.co/VRuKuV4G)
DYED IN THE WOOL is still £3.99 (UK http://amzn.to/14E7St1 US http://amzn.to/14E7SsZ)
GHOST IN THE MACHINE had reverted to charging at 77p, which was very frustrating, but it’s now back at FREE. UK http://t.co/tPhCVOJX US http://t.co/2fQ1jgjS
In other news, the structural edit for SHOT THROUGH THE HEART is back in – my rough calculations give me 20 hours of editing work before it’s ready for a proper line edit. The good news is that, while it suffers from the same problems the early draft of DYED IN THE WOOL did in terms of lack of pace in the first half, it’s got a lot of good stuff in it. Trying to put werewolves and vampires in a real world situation isn’t easy… I’ve had a target of getting both DYED and SHOT done by the end of September, obviously I’m half way there (damn, another Bon Jovi reference…)
— Ed