Scott Cullen book four – DYED IN THE WOOL – is out now on Amazon Kindle (other formats to follow) –
UK –
US –
It should be up at all other Amazon domains – there are too many to individually link to…
And I can now collapse before the reviews come in…
— Ed

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  1. Been loving your work. Only just discovered you and just finished SC3 (read them all one after the other). So happy I didn’t have to wait long for the 4th. Keep ’em coming 🙂

    1. Thanks! Probably going to be a number of months before book 5 is out so I will get my apology in first.
      If you fancy a bit of vampire, then SHOT THROUGH THE HEART is out next month(ish).
      — Ed

  2. Cracking book – only got 5% left to read. Will review it over the weekend. I just wish I could reach into the printed page and give Cullen a good slap – that man can be such a pillock at times 😉
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    1. OMG I am glad I was not the only one! Seriously, Ed, I considered emailing you half way through the book to harangue you about making me so mad at Scott-the-Prat. I am done the book now, our boy is golden again, and my review on Amazon just went live. Well done on another, Ed!

  3. Is CRASH INTO MY ARMS something to do with the Morrisey song Jack the Ripper?
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  4. Was this renamed? Saw something somewhere about it being called stab in the dark, but can’t find either title on audible.. I’m starting SC3, having listened to all of the released Fenchurch titles already ..

    1. Yes, this was renamed to Stab in the Dark a few years ago. New versions of all 14 Police Scotland books will be on Audible from sometime next year.

      New versions of Vicky Dodds books will be coming later this year… Watch this space!

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