Quick note to sat that FIRE IN THE BLOOD is out now in paperback (only four months after Kindle – I need to stop being so bad at that).  I think it’s all hooked up on these pages –

Amazon UK – http://bit.ly/EJDevl
Amazon US – http://amzn.to/EJDevU
Amazon DE – link
Amazon FR – link
Amazon ES – link
Amazon IT – link

In other news, DYED IN THE WOOL is 50% through editing so I’m confident of getting it out in June.
I’m taking a break from SHOT THROUGH THE HEART to do a few tweaks to GHOST IN THE MACHINE – my style has moved on quite a lot since then and it’s just bringing it up to the standard for later books (all I’m doing is tidying up sentence structure where it gets a bit clunky in dialogue and adding some clarity/removing ambiguity).  I’ve done 41% in two days so it’s not a particularly onerous task – should get it done this week.
My schedule and rhythm is all broken with the lifestyle change of the last two weeks, so it’s a case of doing what I can when I can.  Should be back on form soon.
— Ed

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