FIRE v1 RED 21Jan13 smallWell, I published it.  Cullen book three.  It’s available on Amazon Kindle now for £2.95 & $3.99 at the following links –
Amazon UK –
Amazon US –
Other Amazon sites have it as well but may be slightly delayed. Paperback and other eBook formats will be coming in the next week or so. That’s been a hell of a ride (all documented in the afterword), turning a 3,000 word short story into a 27,000 word novella and finally into an 84,500 word novel (slightly shorter than GHOST IN THE MACHINE).  I’m proud of it – I think it’s a good story, it’s got more of Cullen’s personal life than DEVIL, and it’s set me up nicely for DYED IN THE WOOL, Cullen book four.  I’m sticking to a vague publication date of summer to take stress off and allow my editors to not get fed up of me.
Go to it – enjoy it!  It’s yours now, I’m done with it and I’m moving onto DYED IN THE WOOL as of tomorrow morning.
— Ed

GHOST IN THE MACHINE (Scott Cullen book one) is FREE –

UK Kindle –
US Kindle –

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