Had a glowing review of GHOST IN THE MACHINE in the Portobello Reporter, the local paper in the suburb of Edinburgh that Scott Cullen lives in (I hope he picked up the paper and read it, but maybe his flatmate binned it, who knows):

“It may be a cliché, but Ghost in the Machine by indie crime author Ed James is a page-turner. If it were a dance, this book would be a raw Argentine tango, full of frantic action with a sinister dark side and a touch of romance.”

I lived in Portobello for almost six years, in the first property I owned.  I loved living there – it’s got a lovely sandy beach (cleaned up since the 80s), lots of nice walks, some decent pubs and cafes, a couple of great curry houses and its really easy to get into central Edinburgh.  I based Cullen there because it would be easy for him to get there, but also it’s the sort of area his flatmate Tom would have bought in when he started at Alba Bank – you can get more bang for your buck than Gorgie or Easter Road.
It’s also got a really interesting history, which this photo shows.  I’ve written about the ongoing installation of tramworks in Edinburgh – taking longer than the massive IT project that I’ve worked on for four years – but you’ll see that we used to have them in Edinburgh.  Hilarious.  Fascinating link below, but there used to be a power station to the right (if I recall, it was going to be a huge Tesco but it got voted out in my time there) and a Marine Garden leading the way to Leith on the left of the picture – it’s now a horrific row of car dealerships, which feature in DEVIL.
(SPOILER – The shot is taken from the roof of the building at the end of GHOST…)
So it feels weird to have such a good review in the local newsheet that popped through my door every quarter, but really good as well.
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— Ed
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