Anyone who has been looking at my blog and tweets over the last few weeks will know that I’ve been wrestling with the Scott Cullen novella WHISKY IN THE JAR.  The wrestling has been about the fact that it’s a novella and I got some “robust” feedback from Alpha readers and I’ve been working out how to rework it – remember that it was a short story before.  I’m actually pretty shit at short form fiction – I don’t read much of it and I just can’t be bothered with it.
The upshot is that it’s going to be expanded from a novella into a full novel – though probably not as long as either GHOST or DEVIL (though who knows…) – and become SCOTT CULLEN BOOK THREE rather than book 2.1.  And it’s got a new title –


I got really fed up with WHISKY IN THE JAR as a title – it’s cheesy as hell and sort of makes a mockery of the SOMETHING IN THE SOMETHING title system I’ve got so far.  FIRE IN THE BLOOD is much more in keeping and works really well with the final story.
I’ve been bashing through it this week, getting a third of it done in a week.  A lot of that has been editing the previous stuff and I think I’ve got the bulk still to write, but I’m confident of a pre-Christmas release.  Having three novels published in the same year is quite a mental idea.  (I don’t think this will have much impact on DYED IN THE WOOL which should still be roughly April next year).  I’m pleased with it so far – it’s a direct sequel to DEVIL in a lot of ways (some of the subplots and character arcs mainly) but it’s very much its own story as well.
Anyway, if you were waiting on WHISKY IN THE JAR novella coming out then I’m sorry but have a little patience and you’ll get something really good next month.
— Ed

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