My how you've grown

The last two projects I’ve worked on – DEVIL IN THE DETAIL and WHISKY IN THE JAR – both started out as much shorter pieces.
DEVIL was a novella I wrote in 2010 set to bridge to gap between GHOST and the then second novel, BEAST IN THE SHADOW (now subsumed into DYED IN THE WOOL). I made the decision to expand it into a full novel, going from the 21,000 words to the eventual published 103,000, but with many more characters, subplots and – yes – detail.
I submitted WHISKY as a 3,000 word short story for the Bloody Scotland competition – I didn’t win and can see why. I had crunched a full case into their limit and it was a bit compressed. I’ve just finished the second draft as a novella and it’s sitting at 23,000 words. I expect the dodgy start to be rewritten and push that closer to 30,000.
But there you go, I’m ploughing on and I expect it to come out sometime in November – let me just say the 19th as that’s when I have a few other things planned.
I’m writing it at the same time as plotting out DYED IN THE WOOL, and I think I should be able to finish ALL IN A NAME in roughly the same exercise. It’s another novella but it might get deprioritised to early next year.
Anyway, DEVIL is out, WHISKY isn’t far off, GHOST is selling well and things are good.
— Ed