Today marks six months since GHOST IN THE MACHINE was published. Makes me feel quite light-headed how it has gone.
In that six months, I’ve had 50 reviews on Amazon UK and it is all positive – 32 five star, 17 four star and a single three star.
I’ve sold 450 copies and I did a promo weekend where I gave away just over 3,000 books – my sales have been better since I did it, averaging over 4 per day, rather than two-ish.
I’ve got 4,446 followers on twitter, 61 people follow this blog and I’ve had over 3,000 hits here.
The biggest thing for me is getting DEVIL IN THE DETAIL out in time for the six month anniversary (and I managed to beat it by five days) – I will see how I go but I might try to get DYED IN THE WOOL (book three proper) out for the year anniversary. Most importantly, there are over 190,000 words out there that I’ve written and people can buy and read.
Thanks again to everyone who has supported me – it is mentally tough being a writer and you help me through it. I do love writing and it gets me up in the morning but having you guys enjoy my scribbles makes it worthwhile.
— Ed

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