Computer Conundrum

So I’m at 30% on the proof edit of DEVIL IN THE DETAIL and I’m battering through. My proof reader (thanks Pat!) is over 50% and I’ve committed most of her edits but I’m also going through myself to make sure I’ve not made any blunders like last time – biggest tip I can give just now is to do a proof edit…
Anyway, I’m doing this edit and it’s going well so what happens? Aye, my netbook decides to develop a habit of freezing and not even going to the blue screen of death. It did it ten times yesterday as well as needing the bios backed up on Monday. And my deadline of next Sunday looms. Fortunately, it’s behaved itself today but it is most definitely on its way out.
So – me gets noo komputah!!!!1!1!
The use case for me and this new machine is that I want to use it on the train for writing and editing my books, but I also want to get away from paper and pen for planning and use mind mapping and, as confused long term readers will attest, I’m using scrivener for my projects post-DEVIL.
So, this has lead me to the following – I want an ultrabook, as it’s small and portable, and boots in five or so seconds. I want a high-ish resolution screen. I want an SSD as I will carry this beast everywhere and don’t want a hard drive dying. It doesn’t have to be my main machine in the house (I’ve got a Windows laptop for admin stuff and it’s got Office on it). Scrivener Mac version is 1.2 ahead of the Windows and has loads of features I want.
So? That leads me to a MacBook Air. I’m tempted as hell by the 128gb 13″ model.
Tell me if I’m making a mistake…
— Ed