Apologies for using a classic Vic & Bob pun, but I just could not help myself…
Been hammering away on WHISKY IN THE JAR over the last week, turning a 3,000 word short story into a 15-20k novella. The short story was over-compressed and I’m letting the story actually breathe now and take on a few additional points to make the story intriguing despite its relatively short length (though not ridiculously short). I’m currently halfway through and have edited most of the tough stuff – expanding out the scenes, mainly.
It’s set after DEVIL IN THE DETAIL and shares some of the new characters and the general locale, though it’s largely a standalone tale.
The additional benefit is to get a good feel for how Scrivener works as a tool. I’ve blogged many a time on it but I’m getting over the teething problems with it. There was an update recently which had added much more stability to the platform. The only downside is that it’s a major version behind the Mac version so there’s a lot of major features that I would use that I can’t yet. It feels like in going more slowly than in Word but I think my writing is better and less full of errors first time around. The outlining tools are very good and help keep a track of everything.
Also, did a loose outline for ALL IN A NAME, another novella, and might not get around to that until after the other two are published…
— Ed

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