So GHOST IN THE MACHINE has now been on sale for just under two weeks. I’m pleased with the sales – 29 copies, including six in the US. I’ve been doing a lot of publicity – I’ve done an interview and it’s with about ten or so blogs for review. I’ve had three five star reviews on Amazon which is fantastic. I’ll let it rumble for another month or so before I do some other promotion.
The main idea is finalising FUTURE SHOCK and giving it away as a freebie. There is probably another couple of thousand words to finish it off. It is crime scifi so it’s got a decent hook into GHOST.
I’ve been getting stuck into revising DEVIL IN THE DETAIL. At the moment it’s pretty much a 28,000 word sketch and I’ve got about three or four big ideas to expand it. I’ve spent a while sorting out the start of the book and I’m really pleased with it do far. As a story, I’m really happy with it – it’s tight and full of twists. All it needs is more complication. And more Bain…
— Ed

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