Okay. I’ve picked up the last edit of Ghost in the Machine from September last year and I’m going through it all again. I think the first eight of fifty chapters have been fully edited before but I’ve now gone through the first four with a fine tooth comb. I’m surprised at how good this draft is, it’s a lot tighter and slicker than what I had before, with less cliches and quite a few of my idiosyncrasies removed. The big work is ahead of me – there is about 25-30% of the book which is new text and has to be written and the remainder requires heavy editing, if only for consistency. I’ve got about forty notes which need actioned as well, mainly plot tweaks and slight corrections from my police chum.
I had also uninstalled Evernote off of my netbook and I thought I’d lost my notes. I’m using it on the iPhone so I managed to save the old database. I’m trying to organise myself a bit better and get away from the text files I’ve got littered around the place.
But good God is it fun.

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