Gearing up to send off “Ghost in the Machine” to literary agents and publishers.  I’ve got about a third of my three chapter sample honed and edited, pretty pleased with it – not too much different from the previous draft, but I shaved 800 words off the first chapter which is much better.  And I’ve done a draft of the synopsis, four pages of what I don’t like doing.  Actually, I loathed it for the last manuscript (should that be autoscript, given I typed into a PC?), but I found a really helpful site which has a method cadged from Robert McKee, which seems to have worked for me.  I actually enjoyed it and ironed out a few creases here and there.
I’ve not finished my latest draft, but I’m going to play a game of brinkmanship and send it off now, giving me focus to getting the rest of it edited.  I’m into the editing stage again, past the new writing, so there’s only about a week of stuff to do there, plus another week or two of solid editing, and that’s it.
I just wish I wasn’t stupidly busy at work just now.  : (
— Ed

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