Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is your next book coming out?

A. This is always changing. Few ways to keep up with it: this site for starters, or you can sign up to my free weekly Substack newsletter, subscribe to my regular newsletter, or you can follow me on Facebook on Twitter. Any of that will change!

Q. How do I contact you? 

A. It’s all over here at my contact page. Email is usually best — I reply to every email so if I don’t something technical has gone wrong. If it’s urgent, hit me up on Twitter.

Q. I’m a publisher and I want to publish something of yours for a huge amount of money.

A. Allan Guthrie of The North Literary Agency is my literary agent. 

Q. I’m a screenwriter/producer/director and I want to option one of your books for a huge amount of money.

A. Talk to Allan Guthrie of The North Literary Agency, my literary agent. 

Q. Are your books available in audiobook?

A. The first three Cullens and all of the Dodds books are available in audiobook. The Carter books are. As for the rest… something to add to my todo list.

Q. Love your cover artist! Who is he?
A. Me. I do all of my self-published covers and, as I don’t have a publisher, that’s all of them.

Q. Who handles the ebook and print formatting for your self-published titles?
A. Me. I use Vellum to output lovely Kindle and paperback files. It’s great.

Q. In what order should I read the Cullen books?
A. Have a look at the series reading order!

Q. Will you write an eight Cullen novel?
A. Yup, I did. It came out ages ago. But I think you want to know about when I’ll write the ninth, right? Well, I wrote six books in the Cullen & Bain series. And you know he’s in the three Hunter books, right?

Q. Can I write a Cullen book on Kindle Worlds?
A. No, they shut that service down. Move on. It’s not coming back. And you can’t do that to Cullen.

Q. Have any of your books been turned into film or tv?
A. Not yet.

Q. Why are your ebooks only available on Kindle?
A. I tried selling on other channels, e.g. Nook/Kobo/iBooks, and nobody bought them. Amazon’s KDP gives you lots of benefits for going exclusive, and it works for me. My books are DRM-free so the files can be bought on the Kindle Store and transferred to any e-reading device using cables and stuff. Really easy, even my dad can do it.